About Us

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”  -Uncle Ralph.


Simple words from a very successful man.. Both Uncle and my dad, Herbert J. Ashbee taught me some pretty simple lessons growing up.  If you work hard and dream big nothing can stop you. Simple, but true. Maybe simple really is better? What if a smoker and a dream really is enough?  What if the dream of simply smoking locally sourced fish really could make a difference?

This is our journey.  Join us on it as we set out to make a difference by offering the freshest locally sourced, uniquely smoked fish right here in Rhode Island.  We’re not interested in changing the world, just our little corner of it.

We understand you don’t wake up every morning seeking out locally smoked fish to keep your family fed, but we’re laying odds that many of you DO wake up each day looking for a way to make your own difference in the world.  So how does buying our smoked fish do that?

We’re glad you asked! Because we’re on a mission – a smoked fish mission!  By supporting us you will be directly supporting local fisherman and their families.  We are committed to purchasing as much of our fresh fish locally as we possibly can.  But it doesn’t stop there.  We’ve partnered with a local non-profit in order to set aside a portion of our profits for a culinary scholarship fund dedicated to Rhode Island fishing families….And, oh, it’s probably the best smoked fish you’ve ever tasted!