Our Smoked Fish

Here at the Ocean State Smoked Fish Company we strive to source as much of the fish we smoke and sell as possible from fishermen right here in Rhode Island.
From our Local Smoked Blue Fish pieces and our Local Smoked Blue Fish Pate to our original Rhode Island Smoked Fish Salad, made from 100% RI landed fishes, we are proud to support our rich local fishing heritage.
As we say in Our Story we are on a mission…a smoked fish mission. That mission includes not only supporting our local fishing families but also raising awareness around the fish caught off our waters which so many have over looked.
Our Rhode Island Smoked Fish Salad features the lowly scup, or porgy, as it’s main ingredient. That’s right, Scup! Why would we bother with a “trash fish” traditionally netted only to be shipped to overseas markets for pennies a pound? Because it’s awesome smoked, that’s why! And because the more we can do our small part to raise the awareness of just how tasty scup is the more we can help fishermen get a price they can live with for their catch.
Did you know that as of this writing a RI fishing vessel can net 10,000 pounds of scup per vessel per week every week all year long? And yet local demand for this succulent little white fish lags so far behind the demand for tilapia farm raised in China that it’s not even close.
Cod, hake, skate wing, monk fish, mackerel and others are also fishes we smoke and sell based upon seasonal availability.
So check in often here and on our Facebook page as well as Instagram and Twitter to find out the latest way we are trying to do our small part to support the consumption of more local fish.